Get to know about HIIT workout

While working out at the gym or even while reading about workouts, you must have surely heard the acronym HIIT. As per American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018, HIIT has always been on the top 3 spots every year.

HIIT has become popular for losing fat at the gym, but it has many other benefits too. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It can be done anywhere and at anytime. HIIT workout is not about the location (gym) or the type of equipment used. It just stands for working out on High Intensity for a specific period of time after regular intervals.

Along with cutting down your fat, HIIT can help you stay lean, add up muscle, and improve your performance and endurance.

HIIT does not want you to get involved with long workouts to reach your goals. But it wants you to give your best during the time you workout. It improves your aerobic capacity. HIIT can work for you only as long as you are willing to push beyond your limits.

HIIT workouts are best for people who know exactly what they want to achieve but do not have the time for it.

Here are a few points to focus on while doing a HIIT workout:

  • Push Beyond Your Limits: HIIT workouts are used to enhance the performance of your heart and lungs i.e. improve your aerobic capacity. Search for exercises that overburden your heart and lungs. It can include basic exercises like burpees and jumping jack, but you must include the rest time in between your workout. During the time you are available for a workout, always remember to give in maximum EFFORT.
  • Decrease the Volume: HIIT workouts are supposed to be done only 3 to 4 times a week for maximum 30 minutes for short intervals. It has the same work-to-rest ratio throughout that can be 1:1 (30 seconds workout and 30 seconds rest) or even 1:4, depending on your schedule. HIIT workout can be combined with weight training to achieve great results.
  • Recovery is Essential: Recovery is extremely important in between HIIT workout. The key to HIIT workout is how hard you can push yourself and not how long you can push. HIIT workout exercises should last for only a few seconds. Push yourself for a short period of time and then recover again before doing the next exercise.  The recovery period between two HIIT workouts is usually 36 hours.

It is recommended that an eight-week cycle of HIIT combined with weight training may show some significant change in your body. So always remember to combine your workout and not just stick to one.



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