Tips to stay motivated for your workout routine

It is an incredible feeling when you find out a workout routine that suits you. You always feel motivated to wake up, get workout ready and hit the gym. But at times, there comes a situation when we just “do not” feel like going.We are passionate about getting in shape but we have all been in a situation when we cannot make it to the gym due to some reasons. Here are a few motivational tips to keep your workout routine consistent.

  • Get an upbeat mix playlist:
    We do listen to our favorite music while working out, but this can be used for much more apart from exercise.
    Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and listen to them while you are getting ready for the gym or driving to the gym. A playlist of upbeat songs will surely get you all pumped up during your pre-workout.

  • Adjust your schedule:
    One needs to be consistent and scheduled while working out. But due to some lifestyle changes you might not be able to hit the gym regularly. So it’s advisable to fix up a time when you can exercise daily.
    For eg: You might have received a promotion in your job and your workout schedule would be Mon/ Wed/ Fri. But due to excess workload you might not be able to hit the gym on Wednesdays. So you can try Tue/ Thu/ Sat so the routine remains consistent.

  • Make variations in your workout:

You might be feeling that exercising isn’t exciting anymore.

If you’re just sticking to the same workout routine of treadmill and free weights and can’t remember the last time you tried something new, maybe it’s time to make some changes and bring some excitement. Just move around the gym and think of the machines and variations you have never tried. Go and try the TRX, the Kettlebells or attend a spin class. Mixing things up shall add some more fun to your workout.

  • Make your surroundings inspire you: Attach some inspirational quotes and pictures on places where you look at more frequently like your desk at work or the mirror. So keep the motivation right in front of you and always be aware of your goals.

  • Love yourself and your workout: Instead of treating your workout as a regular chore, frame your workout as something you get to do as a gift. Always take care of your body and appreciate the hard work done by you.

Congratulate yourself because you’re doing amazing.


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