How Can You Lose Weight Naturally?

Talwalkars has introduced Reduce, a weight loss program about eating customized meals and shedding weight without dieting or exercising, by just sitting at home. The entire package includes a weight control kit and a dedicated dietitian to guide and monitor you throughout your weight loss journey. Customers are provided with multiple meals per day in order to lose weight and get healthy.

Weight Control Kit:

The Reduce Weight Control Kit helps you in losing weight and make you healthy without affecting your daily routine and without any side effects. You will feel more lively, active and energetic. Your health will improve. The Reduce weight control kits comes with the following products to monitor weight loss results:

  • Shaker / Bowls
  • Weighing scale
  • Measuring Tape

Reduce Healthy Meals: 

If you are corpulent, overweight or suffering from obesity, you must be wondering how many meals to consume in a day in order to lose weight. There are many diet plans available which recommend increasing the number of meals in a day. But at Reduce, we provide only three meals in a day based on your health graphs and tastes. We also recommend increasing the frequency of your meals, that you can keep eating throughout the day!

  • 3 meals daily which are high in fibre, low in fat and nutritious.
  • (1 Snack, 1 Meal and 1 Beverage)

Dedicated Reduce Dietitian:

Your progress throughout the program is monitored by our dedicated Reduce dietitian. Taking in to consideration your goals and lifestyle, a customized weight loss plan is provided by our dietitian.

Our experienced dietitians interact with all customers via Skype or WhatsApp or over a phone call, providing individualized nutritional assessments and counseling.

For more tips from Reduce experts, please visit us for healthy facts and more information.

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