Is Drinking Cold Water Bad For Your Health?

There has been a huge debate on the topic whether drinking cold water is good for our health or it is not. Some people think that cold water damages the immune system, a few others believe that it doesn’t while some people do not care at all.

The Chinese were the first ones to figure out that drinking cold water especially after a meal harms the process of digestion adversely and is bad for health.

But the main question is that how does cold water affect or hamper the digestion process?

We are already aware that warm water opens the pores of the skin whereas cold water closes the pores and constrict the skin. Similarly, at the time when we drink cold water, it constricts the digestive tract, making the process tenacious. Due to this hampering of the digestive system, our body does now get enough nutrients like proteins and vitamins for organs to function properly.

The enzymes of our body usually work the best at the temperature of 37–42⁰C. But, at the time when we drink cold water, the process of warming up the cold liquid consumes the entire energy. This energy was supposed to be utilised for digestion of food, but consumption of cold water increases the duration of this process and makes us feel tired soon.

The Chinese started drinking warm tea instead of cold fluid after their meal in order to avoid such issues. Warm fluids enhances the digestion and the body also absorbs the nutrients efficiently.

It is important to drink the right quantity of water at the right temperature since it is 80% of our body. Next time when you think of drinking cold water, just think of the amount of nutrients you might lose.

So now, since you are aware about the effects of drinking cold water, it would be a wise decision to ditch cold water and switch to lukewarm or warm water.

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