Common Health Mistakes Everyone Makes

It is not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them, that defines us.

It is a human tendency to make mistakes at times and people learn from their mistakes. It is a huge risk when we constantly keep on making the same mistake which eventually affects our health and well being. Common health mistakes like alcohol and smoking can adversely affect your health. Here are some of the health mistakes to be avoided in order to have a healthy lifestyle:

  • Smoking Socially:

You might be assuming that occasional smoking is harmless, but there are high chances of you getting addicted to nicotine. Effects of nicotine include increased blood sugar levels, increased heart rate and increased nervous system activity. This is about he cigarettes. But if you smoke Marijuana then there is a much higher risk, since it contains 5 times the carbon monoxide content. and 3 times the amount of tar as tobacco as compared to cigarettes.

  • Excess Caffeine Intake:

Consuming too much of coffee can lead to your body generating surplus adrenaline, in turn making you feel nervy, edgy and constantly alert. It could cause stomach upsets, increase your heart rates and also ruin your sleep pattern. Lattes or Cappuccinos include a large amount of calories too.

  • Keeping Stress Bottled Up:

Stress is linked to high blood pressure, weight gain and heart diseases. Develop coping mechanisms to learn to deal with stress. Do not keep your stress hidden under the surface.

  • Picking The Gym Over Daily Activity:

Research says that people hitting the gym lose fewer calories as compared to the people who are physically active. So going to the gym is not a substitute for intriguing yourself in actual physical activity.

  • Binge Drinking:

Binge drinking might lead to hypertension, poor bone health, heart disease, etc. If you skip alcohol for an entire week and then drink a week’s ration of alcohol in a single siting then it puts your liver through intense work. So binge drinking is always a bad idea.




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