5 Exercises To Help You Improve Your Action In Bed


Plank Pose is the most efficient way to improve your stamina and endurance not only at the gym but also in the bedroom. The staying power for on-top positions like missionary will be improved by planks. It will also help you strengthen your core which supports your back and prevents injury as well as improves the thrust.

How to do it: 

Get in to the push ups position keeping your hands shoulder width apart and your arms strong, pelvis level. Squeeze the butt cheeks and inner thighs together further tightening your quads and pressing your heels back so the feet are flexed. Hold at-least for 20 seconds and try to do 10 reps a day depending on the duration of your planks.


Lying Leg Raises is an acute core workout to help you last longer. It can be also called as an intense core workout to help you provide mild engagement in your glutes and quads further improving your thrust. This will surely help you last longer in upright positions.

How to do it :

Lie down on your back stretching your legs in front. People with back problems can fold a towel and put it below the back, and lie on it. With rigor and control, slowly raise your legs towards the ceiling till they come to an angle perpendicular to your body. Do not fold your legs while raising them up. Repeat this 5 times. In order to increase the intensity, you can reduce the angle of your legs instead of keeping them perpendicular.

3 . SQUATS :

The peculiarity of Squats is that it will improve your testosterone levels and also increase the blood flow in pelvic regions. It is an incredible exercise to enhance your sex life. It will increase the power of your thrust by strengthening the lower body.

How to do it :

Place your feet sightly wider than your shoulder width and hold your arms straight in front. Keep your feet straight and flight or slightly pointed outwards. Squat downwards. Get back up straight keeping your back arched. Not keeping your back arched might lead to injury. Do not cave the knees inside.


Lunges are helpful in building your core stability, balance, endurance and mobility. They also increase your stamina and give you strength. Lunges will also increase the blood flow in your pelvic region improving your action in bedroom.  This exercise will help you out when you want to go a little longer or you could use an extra dose of balance and hip flexor mobility.

How to do it :

Put your hands on your waist and step one step ahead for about 18 to 24 inches. Instantly bend your knees and descend onto the front leg by allowing the knee of the leg behind to come close to the ground. Maintaining a straight torso and keeping the weight of the body on the forth knee. Return upwards to a standing position pushing yourself back up from the forth knee.


Always remember that increased blood flow will lead to increased sensation, which means better orgasm. Sitting in your office, facing the computer for long hours can stagnate the muscles below the waist. Seated Straddle Stretch will bring the blood flow back to the pelvic and groin region and loosen up things. It is an exceptional inner thigh stretch helping you in trying out some adventurous positions.

How to do it : 

Sit on the floor stretching your legs wide apart and knees pointing towards the ceiling. Flex your feet. Keeping your back stable, roll your shoulders towards the back and lean as forward as you can. Try to reach your knees, ankles or your toes and breathe deeply. Do not hunch your back and hold this position for 5 to 10 breaths.

So, Team Growfitter suggests that you should surely try these 5 exercises and obtain good results.



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