5 Common But Avoidable Training Mistakes

Eric was regularly going to the gym since 6 months. He was highly dedicated towards fitness and always tried to research and design his program. He had an impressive exercise line up, perfect reps, sets and rest period.

But later, he realised that he was not able to achieve the results that he wanted as compared to the efforts he was putting in. This made him sad. He talked to Archie who was a personal trainer at his gym about this problem.

Archie told him a few training mistakes that he might be neglecting.

  1. Not understanding your goal :

These days there are many people who are keen on following the workout pattern of their favourite celebs. Celebs claim that a specific workout works for them in getting results. Archie said,”At times when i ask people what they’re training for?” and, “a lot of them do not have any goal as such, and even if they do, they are not performing the right form exercise, sets or reps.”

That particular celeb has a workout pattern to attain his/her goal. It is not necessary that even you have the same goal. They might just not be the results you want. So create a workout pattern to reach your goal and not someone else’s.

2. Ignoring Warm-up :

Many people consider warm up as a nuisance. But starting up cold is a big mistake. If you take time properly to warm up and activate your muscles, it will lead to a workout that is efficient, safe and productive. Do not think of warm up as a waste of time and always spend 5-10 mins before workout in warming up. Think of it as warm up will help you achieve maximum performance.

3. Sticking to the same Rep Pattern:

A lot of people never do less or any more as compared to what they did in their last workout. They do not realise that it might be the time to change. Always sticking to the same number and movements is not a good idea. Rather keeps switching between the weights, moves and reps, and let your muscles guess. This will surely help you get maximum progress. Try adding some movements and push up the reps next time you hit the gym.

4. Using Poor Form:

It is highly mandatory to have perfect form to rep until failure. People decide to however do 10 reps in a set and neglect their form. An exercise performed without good form is an exercise that is wasted. Always focus on your form.

5. Going Through Motions :

It is highly important to stay focused on your workout. There are few people who just go through motions during their workout session. Some people just land up spending 20-30 mins reading a magazine or going through their social media posts after an exercise mid workout. You need to ask yourself, ” Am I completing each set with energy, attention and motivation? Or just doing that rep because it is a part of my plan?”.

If you feel that your results have stalled, do a self check by asking the above question to yourself. Always challenge yourself and achieve maximum results.

And eventually, Eric had his dream physique after improving on the training mistakes given by Archie.


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