Want to look younger again ?

Your body is the only place you are going to live in till you die and it’s important to take utmost care or it . Being lazy in this matter will not help you at all in turn leading to adverse effects damaging your body . It is because no one else is going to work to take care of it except YOU !!


The human body is made up of 7 major systems . Regular exercise and clean eating habits will help you improve all of them by several factors .

Benefits of Exercise on your body are as follows :

  1. Muscular System :                                                                                     parts-of-muscular-system

    • It improves muscular strength endurance and flexibility .

    • Increases ligament and tendon strength .

    • Reduces the risk of muscular skeletal injuries .

    • Improves muscle tone , shape and size .

  2. Skeletal System :       skelsyst                                                                                                           

    • Exercise increases bone density .

  3. Cardiovascular system :                                                                                   cyclinghearttt

    • Reduces resting heart rate and resting blood pressure .

    • Improves heart function stroke volume (the amount of blood ejected by the heart in one contraction ) , cardiac output ( the amount of blood heart pumps per minute ) and improves blood circulation .

    • Increases endurance .

    • Reduces the risk of coronary artery disease , heart failure , Low Density Lipoprotein  Cholesterol (Bad Cholesterol) and triglycerides .

    • Prevents atherosclerosis ( Deposition of cholesterol inside artery )

    • Prevents thrombus formation . (Intra-vascular blood clotting).

  4. Respiratory system:                                                                                                                                             

    Improves lung function .

  5. Endocrine System :                                                                                                  endooo

    • Helps in correcting hormonal imbalance .

    • Increases your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

    • Prevents Type 2 Diabetes .

  6. Nervous System:neevous

    • It is a stress buster .

    • Improves sleep quality .

    • Releases Endorphins (also known as feel good hormones)

    • Develops neuro-muscular conduction and co-ordination .

  7. Digestive System:digeee

    • Improves appetite , digestion and intestinal movements .

After reading all these benefits of exercise , one of the best advantage is that exercise REDUCES THE AGING PROCESS , in turn making you look younger , fit and attractive .

south_park_characters_by_nyuhatter-d31569e young

Hope you select some activity for yourself and start exercising soon .



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