Ways To Gain Weight By Healthy Eating

  • Eat ! Eat ! Eat ! :                                                                                                                                                          


    • Make it a point to increase one meal every week .

    • If you are already eating 2 meals per day ; switch to 3 meals and the week after that make it 4 meals till the time you reach 6 meals per day .

    • All your meals should be the same in proportion .

  • Calories ! Calories ! Calories ! :                                                                                                                              


    • In order to gain one pound of extra weight every week , you need to consume extra 500 calories per day .

    • But make sure you do not over eat all of them by one go, instead prefer splitting your meals .

  • Know your Calories :

    • The food that you consume should have good calories and not the ones that make you fat and make you gain the love handles .

    • For example : Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Wheat Bread, Pasta etc will help you put on weight that includes a lot of fat . Eating from McDonald’s or just sipping Coke will surely give you those calories, but in turn also make you fat which is not good .

    • Switch to food that includes good carbs , healthy fat and good proteins .

    • Calculate your BMR by clicking HERE .

  • Consume Calorie Dense Foods :   celery-carrots-peanutbutter-apple

    • Make it a point that the food you consume is denser in calories and less in volume .

    • Some of the calorie dense food include peanut butter, dried fruits, peanuts, raw oats, bagels, lean red meat.

    • Avoid consuming low calorie soups, cooked oat meals, popcorn and whole vegetables .

  • Never Workout Empty Stomach :                                                                                   


    • Your body will go through a journey of an entire day from the time you wake up .

    • You would never go for a long journey in your car with a half empty fuel tank .

    • Similarly you should never take your body to a workout journey having an empty stomach or else the body will start using the carbs that are already stored previously leading to weight loss .

  • Get a Big Plate :                                                                                                                 


    • For people who want to lose weight , a dietitian would usually recommend eating in a small plate .

    • Similarly , we use a reverse therapy to gain weight .

    • Get a bigger plate so you can eat sufficient .

  • Increase Your Protein Intake :                                                                       protien-rich-foods

    • Protein rich foods include cheese, meat, eggs,etc.

    • Since you need another 500 extra calories , consuming protein rich food will help you achieve your goal along with regular exercise .

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