Friends Who Workout Together Stay Together .

We all know that working out with friends will keep you motivated . But do you know that a workout with friends has many other perks along with it . You might feel like trying to hit the gym with friends after reading the points below instead of considering exercise as “me” time .

It is Fun :

  • Many people workout alone , but you will realize that having your friend as a workout buddy will be more fun .
  • You will notice that time will pass faster and workout will get more enjoyable .
  • Your friend and you can complement each others workout style and be excited about getting to the gym .

Keep One Another Motivated :


  • There lands up a case when you are at the last count of your set and you badly need someone to encourage you and finish it . In such a case your friends can help you be motivated .
  • You might feel like taking a day off from gym when you are alone , but working out with friends will keep you fired up and stop you from quitting . They can even offer you helpful tips .

You will NOT feel Demoralized :


  • When you are alone , you might feel scared or embarrassed to  try out something new thinking about what will people around you think if you land up being unsuccessful .
  • But , with friends , you will surely feel more confident and try new workouts together . There is Power in Numbers .

Accountability :

  • Friends working out together will have a sense of accountability for one another .
  • When you are alone , and you skip the gym to watch T.V. , you only have yourself to answer . But once you have friends working out together , you will have to be answerable to everyone and this will make you motivated to workout even when you do not feel like hitting the gym .
  • I am sure you will not let your friends down .

Friendly Competition :

  • Yes , everyone of us does enjoy a friendly competition .
  • So if you do 9 reps , your friend might try doing 10 reps .
  • Even though you do not acknowledge it , this will develop a sense of competition within you and help you push one rep further .

Growfitter wishes you all a Happy Friendships Day .


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