Why Crossfit Might Be The Thing For You ?

Heard a lot of myths about Crossfit ? Want to try something different ? Still thinking how can crossfit benefit you ? No need to Google , because I will give you a solution .

Crossfit was developed by Greg Glassman . It is high intensity training with varied functional movements . You can have a look at the official definition of Crossfit by clicking here . Crossfit workouts are a combination of weightlifting , gymnastics , rowing , running and a lot more .

Practicing Crossfit training will make you a professional in each of ten general physical skills which are agility , accuracy , balance , cardiovascular/respiratory endurance , coordination , flexibility , power, speed , stamina and strength .

  • Crossfit is Fun :


  • Crossfit follows the WOD technique of training . WOD stands for Workout of the  Day .

  • WODs are short and intense workouts which are never repeated . Not repeating the same workout makes it more exciting .

  • You will always have fun after recovering from an intense Crossfit session .

  • Improves Joint Mobility :

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  • Joint mobility is a concept that involves the joint range of motion , stabilization given by muscular balance and strength that protects the spine and ligament tautness .

  • Engaging all the joints of your body will reduce the chances of injury to a very great extent.

  • The efficiency of the movement is increases .

    • For eg : Picking up weights with your hips instead of your lower back will make it easier for you to lift heavy not leading to an injury of your back .

  • Performance is Improved :


  • An improvement in joint mobility will prevent you from injuries which will in turn improve your performance during exercise .

  • Understanding the role of each muscle group and then engaging them with your movements will heavily improve your performance and make you active .

  • You will be able to perform at a higher level .

    • For eg : Soaring of the bench press once we know the importance of shoulder blade retraction .

  • Crossfit will make you Fit , Faster :


  • Crossfit involves different HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises which has more benefits as compared to doing one type of  moderate intensity exercise .

  • Research says that HIIT is more better in boosting your metabolism and can lead to a faster conversion from flab to fab .

  • WODs are designed from a beginner to expert level , so you need not be scared of the word “intense” .

  • You’ll have a Good Social Network :


  • There are many Crossfit groups where the members socialize together .

  • Everyone is supportive , their ego’s are checked at the door and together you will surely reach your personal goals .

  • Crossfit gyms are all about community and you will be welcomed by a community in any part of the world .

  • Your Body will make Wonders :


  • Once you start training for Crossfit , you body will perform exercises that you never thought you could do .

  • It will make you physique lean and beautiful . You will look great and do many things that others cannot when it comes to exercise .

  • You will have agility , coordination , stamina to walk or run for miles , strength to do loads of pull ups and push ups and a lot more .

  • Crossfit improves your cardiovascular and respiratory system .

I hope now all your myths about the benefits of Crossfit are cleared . Check out the Crossfit gyms and studios at Growfitter for best membership deals .


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