A Salad A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Are you hungry ? Feeling lazy to turn on the gas and cook today ? But still want to eat healthy to stay fit ?


Why not have some salad ?

Meet Jerry , he never had a salad before and was suffering from Dyspepsia , high cholesterol and diabetes . He was also obese due to his sedentary lifestyle . Doctor said that he might suffer from heart disease if he did not make changes with his diet . One day while reading the newspaper he read the health benefits of salad and started eating it regularly .  It was also written that salad shall provide him with Vitamin C , B1 , B6 , Folate , magnesium , potassium , essential minerals and antioxidants which are not lost while cooking . He observed many positive changes after he started to eat salad .


  • Salad has insoluble fibers which keep the digestive tract healthy . Soon Jerry got rid of “Dyspepsia” i.e. bad digestion and gradually his digestion improved .


  •  The nuts he used in his salad helped him lower his cholesterol level and his blood sugar was balanced .


  • After one month of regular exercise at the gym , Jerry observed that his body was lacking the requirement of proteins for the development of his muscles . He used his smartness and chose low cheese fat and lean meat like chicken or turkey in his salad to get some protein source from them . When he felt like having vegetarian , he used nuts , seeds and beans to make up for his daily protein requirement .


  • Whenever hungry , salad was filling him up with without overloading , in turn helping him shed excess weight . He was no longer obese and looked fit .

  • Jerry was never late for office because preparing a salad was quick and easier .

  • Salad also helped him reduce the risk of developing heart diseases since it had a positive impact on his body to a very great extent .


Hence , after looking at Jerry’s health improvement . We should all start considering salad as a part of our daily mean .

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