Weight Lifting Or Cardio For Fat Loss ? Weights vs Cardio .

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Yes !! We see a lot of people struggling to lose unwanted fat around their belly and love handles . One must be aware that excessive fat in the body may lead to severe problems like obesity , high cholesterol and hypertension and many more . These problems can affect a person to a very great extent in future .

  • What is good for you ? Cardio or Strength/Weight training ? 

I would answer this question for you . There are two types of people around us . One is someone who just wants to lose unwanted fats and the other one wants to lose fats as well as have a nice physique and look better . Now for the first one , cardio is sufficient to burn fats . But , for the second person cardio is not at all sufficient . What he/she needs is weight training . By doing weight training you will not only burn fats , but also gain some muscle mass which will make you look more good .

Many women think that weight training will make them look ” bulky ” . This is totally a myth . Weight training will tone up your body and you shall look more slim and fit . If you have seen some extremely muscular women in your gym , that is because they are under steroids . Consuming steroids would drop their Estrogen level making them look bulky and a lot muscular . If you follow clean eating habits and workout regularly which includes weight training, I assure you positive results and a very nice physique .

  • How much will you burn with weight training ? 

Many people feel lazy to lift weights but today i will tell you how much helpful it is to lift a little weights for burning your unwanted fats . Let us consider that a person on an average puts up 5 pounds of muscle every year . In order to to sustain that muscle his / her body will burn 50 calories per day which means that one would burn 50 calories/day x 5 pounds = 250 calories everyday . So now , 250 calories/day x 365 days/year = 91,250 calories . And then , since one pound of fat is 3500 calories , so , 91,250/3500 = 26.07 pounds . Kudos !! This means that he/she will burn 26 pounds of unwanted fats without even doing cardio . 

  • The “AFTERBURN” effect : 

Weight training includes the “AFTERBURN” effect . This means that a person will not only burn fats while performing strength training exercises , but also burn fats for the next 24 hours after performing them . On the contrary , in cardio training you only burn fats for the duration up to which you are doing cardio . So , if you consider a ratio of 24:1 , it is obviously weight training that wins . Muscles are denser than fats in turn making you look better . Weight training also increases your metabolism to some extent . 

You can experiment it yourself and attain extremely positive results by performing weight training for a month or two . I assure you it will be helpful .

P.S. : If weight training wins here , i do not mean to say that one should stop doing cardio . There are many benefits of cardio too , especially for the cardiovascular system which makes it mandatory for us to perform sometimes . 

NOTE : You can calculate your own BMR using the BMR Calculator at the top of this post . 


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