Is Swimming Good For Your Body ?

Who doesn’t like getting wet in this hot weather ? Its always fun to go for a dip in to the pool .

Swimming is a low-impact whole body exercise . Swimming can be done as an exercise , as a hobby , sport or just for fun at times . Swimming is meant for all age groups . Kids as well as adults , everyone enjoy swimming .

Let us now have a look at the health benefits of swimming :



  • While you are swimming , the entire body is in resistance with the water . It involves the movement of your entire body , hand and legs which makes it as a whole body workout . All the muscles of the body are mobilized and and one needs to use the limbs in the risk of getting quickly exhausted . It is slightly easier on the hip , back and knees as compared to other traditional athletic exercises .



  • Swimming will surely make you fit and improve your endurance . It is a great low impact aerobic activity . Since water is denser than air , your speed of moving in water is limited . This makes it one of the best aerobic cardiovascular exercise .It improves the flow of blood and makes your heart and lungs strong .



  • Swimming will help you reduce the stress level of the body and your mind . Going for a light swim at times will help you relax your body . For many athletes and body builders swimming is a part of their training program because it helps them relax their muscles and rejuvenates the whole body. It also improves the heart rate .



  • Going for a swim will help you burn good amount of calories making you lean and fit . It will also help in toning up your muscles . Since swimming is a low impact exercise , it is safe and there is less risk of injuries . It will also improve your flexibility because the entire body is in motion . Swimming is one of the best exercises for people suffering from Arthritis because of the soft resistance of water . It is helpful for Diabetes patients .


  • Research has proved that for people who swim regularly , swimming reduces the risk of dying by nearly 50% making you live a little more longer with your loved ones .

  • It acts as a cooling agent since the entire activity is in water . Prevents the body from over heating and working out in water becomes more comfortable as compared to land .

  • It makes things easier for someone to perform exercises that are almost next to impossible to perform on land because your body is buoyant when in water .

  • Swimming will improve your balance , co-ordination and concentration .

  • Many people who do not prefer swimming and still want to workout in water , perform water aerobics .


P.S. : It is mandatory to consult your physician before joining swimming for adults as well as kids . Always remember to apply sunscreen to avoid the chlorinated agents affecting your body looking at your skin type and wear proper swimming gear before getting in to the pool . 

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