How Can Partying Make You Fit ?

Are you lazy to pick up weights at a gym and still want to get fit ? Not enjoying your basic cardio session at the gym ?

Now , there is a solution to all your questions . Yes , it is Zumba !!

Zumba  was commenced and choreographed by a Colombian dancer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s . It is a dance fitness program which involves a combination of dance and aerobic elements . The choreography is a mix of salsa , soca , hip-hop ,mambo and merengue . It’s like an all in one package of a Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout creating a fitness party atmosphere .

Some health benefits of Zumba are as follows :
  • Mood Booster : Whether you had a bad day or you are facing some stress . Zumba will make you get rid of all kinds of stress and issues related to a bad mood . It will in turn make you feel rejuvenated and lively . It includes the form of exercises that release endorphin ( hormones released when you feel happy and satisfied after doing a particular activity )  losing yourself in the music .
  • Zumba for everyone : Age is never an issue when it comes to performing Zumba . From kids to adults , everyone can dance to it’s beats and stay fit . New comers may get some small scale steps . There is no large learning curve in a Zumba  class . It creates an atmosphere of dance party and entertainment .
  • Entire Body WorkoutSince Zumba includes a combination of dance and cardio , it is a dance-fitness class . It includes exercises that warm up your entire body having a motion from head and shoulder rolls that loosen up your neck and leg exercises that strengthen up your calves and ankles . It is a class that touches almost every joint of the body .
  • Burn fats : Zumba is a combination of dance and cardio and hence , it will surely help you burn unwanted fats . The intensity varies depending upon the level of person performing it and it keeps on changing from time to time . One may be performing on some fast meringue beats followed by  a set of push-ups or squats .The intensity also changes on the type of music being played . By this way , the energy expenditure is maximized in turn leading to unwanted fat loss making you fit .
  • Improves Endurance : Zumba includes music that plays at the rate of 145 beats per minute which can make it easier for you to reach your target heart rate and improve your endurance . It will set up a path for aerobic exercises improving the strength of your heart .
  • Improves Cardiac Output : Zumba is a form of cardio – dance exercise in turn benefiting the cardiovascular system . Since , it helps you reach your target heart rate (no. of heart beats per unit of time ) and increase your stroke volume (amount of blood ejected by the heart) . Both of these shall  improve your cardiac output to a very great extent which is extremely good for the body .
  • Zumba is social : In a Zumba class we get to meet and interact with different people from various backgrounds and age groups . A Zumba workout can be done at least two or three times per week and it is fun . Zumba instructors guide you perform various types of dance-cardio movements . Nothing better than having a Zumba studio right at Carter Road, Bandra like the Temperance Studio ; an ideal place to socialize and get fit at the same time with its amazing Zumba Trainers and hip crowd.
Zumba makes you feel as if you are in a fun-social dance party . I hope you will surely give it a try and attain positive results.
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